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Productiontrax Stock Music Service – Sell Your music Online

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

This article is my honest and sincere opinion about Productiontrax. I created my account three months ago. You can check my store following this link.

Productiontrax is a stock media Portal where you can sell your music and sound effects.

Many websites are operating in this business field, but Productiontrax has a unique… Continue reading

Cubase Tutorial -how to set the tempo – Accelerendo / Ralentendo

Give life to your songs

It can be very interesting to create Accelerando or Ralentendo in a composition, or just be able to vary the speed slightly.

Either to create real Ralentendo and/or Accelerando in an introduction or a coda, but also to recreate the dynamism of a real band. For example, during a solo, musicians tend to accelerate slightly,… Continue reading