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Eastwood Guitars

General Fraise MP3 – jazz shuffle performed with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Listen to General Fraise Hosted at ReverbNation

General Fraise is an old song of mine I recorded recently. I composed it in the early 90 to play with my jazz trio. Structure and arrangement changed a lot since the first day I played it. I removed all the unnecessary complicated parts that I was adding everywhere when I was younger.… Continue reading

Delta 6 Guitar Solos Used in the Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars Video Review

Listen to my Delta 6 Solos Hosted at Reverbnation


Those are the two solos I used in the demo of the Delta six Eastwood guitars I made recently.

I used a basic cha-cha rhythm to perform those guitar solos.

In the first one, called the clean solo. I used a soul food pedal set really low to avoid distortion.… Continue reading

Testing The Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Chambered Body Vintage Guitar Reissued

Eastwood guitars as you probably know reproduces legendary vintage guitars with the technology and techniques of today’s luthiers.

This particular model is the National Newport Guitar of 1962. Valco manufactured it between 1958 and 1964. At the time, National Newport guitars were made of fiberglass. They called it Res-O-Glass for commercial reasons, but it is… Continue reading

Bad Habit MP3 – Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars | Hollow Body Dobro Guitar

Listen to Bad Habit hosted on Reverbnation

Bad habit is a song I wrote in 1991 when I got back from Canada. I played it live with a group I formed when I arrived in France with musicians from south of France.

We performed this song often in jazz clubs and open air gigs. At the time, we played it… Continue reading

Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars Demo – Resonator Hollow Body Guitar

Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars – Two Guitars In One

I bought this guitar almost a year ago. I was very intrigued by the result of such instrument. I knew the traditional Dobro guitars, but I’ve never seen hybrid guitars like this one, a sort of mix between a 335 Gibson and a resonator guitar.

I love this instrument. I am… Continue reading