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Funk That Map MP3 – Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Listen to Funk That Map Hosted on Mixcloud

I recently discovered another musical portal to host my music. It is Mixcloud. If you own an account on this website, you can follow me, and I’d be happy to follow you back. Funk That Map is a song I wrote to demo my Airline Gap guitar from Eastwood Guitars. It’s a… Continue reading

Jeronimo MP3 – Fender Squier Bullet HSS Review Video’s Soundtrack

listen to Jeronimo for free

This is the MP3 version of the song I used to illustrate the demo of the Fender Squier Bullet HSS.

I used this guitar exclusively for the recording of this song. Apart from the two guitar parts, there are only a bass line I played with my six-string Squier, and midi drum track. The… Continue reading

Herve Senni Quartet – Jazz Fusion – Montreal 1990

listen to the CD for free

I formed this new group because the septet formula septet was far too difficult to find gigs for. There was not enough place to play for such a large group. Tired of repeating for nothing, on top of the difficulty to bring everyone together for a mere repetition were right about me.

This CD… Continue reading

Herve Senni Group – Latin Jazz & Jazz Fusion | Montreal 1984

listen the Herve Senni Group CD for Free

Allow few seconds to let mp3s load on the page …..

Recorded at Harmonie studio in Longeuil, Quebec in one take, without overdubs.


  • Herve Senni: guitar, composition, arranging
  • Pierre Lafrenaye: Trompet
  • Jocelyn Menard: Tenor & soprano Saxes
  • Normand “Porky” Deveault: Piano/synth
  • Alain Picotte: Bass
  • Normand Bock… Continue reading