Secret Room Music – Home Studio Extravaganza
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Jazz Fusion

How to Travel Almost Around the Continents While Seated In Your Room – Positive Grooves Album

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“Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years to make sounds that no one has heard before is truly what gets me off.”

Well, I supposed Jeff Beck is not the only one who feels this way. As a matter of fact… so… Continue reading

The Electrifying Mood Swing Jazz and Rock Fusion of the Secret Room Sessions

The Secret Room Sessions is available in streaming & download

It was Vera Nazarian who said, “If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.

Well, what do you know? I have chosen to go with the “city” and the “road” part. I… Continue reading

Funk You MP3 – Custom Scalloped Fender Stratocaster

Listen to Funk You Hosted on ReverbNation

I recorded that song right after I assembled my scalloped Stratocaster. I made a post about it where I explained how I did it and how much it cost me. If you are interested about it, check the post here. I composed it for one of my last band, somewhere… Continue reading

General Fraise MP3 – jazz shuffle performed with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Listen to General Fraise Hosted at ReverbNation

General Fraise is an old song of mine I recorded recently. I composed it in the early 90 to play with my jazz trio. Structure and arrangement changed a lot since the first day I played it. I removed all the unnecessary complicated parts that I was adding everywhere when I was younger.… Continue reading

Funkystic MP3 – soundtrack of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon’s demo

Listen to Funkystic directly from my Reverbnation account

This is a song I used to demo the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon guitar. You can check out the article if you want to know more about that nylon guitar. But if you don’t care about the guitar review and only want to enjoy the MP3 track, you can listen to… Continue reading

Jeronimo MP3 – Fender Squier Bullet HSS Review Video’s Soundtrack

listen to Jeronimo for free

This is the MP3 version of the song I used to illustrate the demo of the Fender Squier Bullet HSS.

I used this guitar exclusively for the recording of this song. Apart from the two guitar parts, there are only a bass line I played with my six-string Squier, and midi drum track. The… Continue reading

Herve Senni Trio – South of France 1999

Listen Herve Senni Trio free of charge

Since my return to France in 1990, I didn’t have many opportunities to record my music. I have created many different lineups and played in a great number of places, but occasions to record weren’t that many or off poor quality.

I still managed to find two compositions, recorded as a trio in… Continue reading

Herve Senni Quartet – Jazz Fusion – Montreal 1990

listen to the CD for free

I formed this new group because the septet formula septet was far too difficult to find gigs for. There was not enough place to play for such a large group. Tired of repeating for nothing, on top of the difficulty to bring everyone together for a mere repetition were right about me.

This CD… Continue reading