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About me:

There are more than 10 albums released on-line in numerous music styles, from international jazz to rock and all things in between. I am actually interested in progressive rock as well as fusion music accompanied by a love for funk and big grooves. I’m not at all jammed in a distinctive type of music.

I’m an open-minded musician. I reckon you can do marvelous melodies with every types of music out there. There are barely two different types of music: the good one and the bad one. I personally play with my spirit, and i also don’t aim to adhere to a style or stand out with my chops.

I simply play what comes out of my mind. If I like it, I post it. I aim to keep every lp following a concept to have an definite concord, unanimity. A number of my cds are delicate, many are jazz; some are heavy. It’s for you to decide. What you desire to hear based upon your day.

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