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Guitar Effects

PA-2 Acoustic Preamp from Nux

Affordable & Portable Acoustic Guitar EFX

This article is a review of the PA-2 acoustic preamp from Nux. I’ve bought mine at aliexpress for the small price of 32€; shipping included. The PA-2 is also available on eBay and Amazon. I advise you to do a price comparison before ordering. Sellers from Aliexpress are also selling on eBay, so depending… Continue reading

Pure Tone Buffer by Visual Sound – The Reason You Should Use a Buffer

Maximize your guitar sound

I’ve heard people talking quite a lot about buffer pedal, but I didn’t pay attention about it until recently. I have to admit that up to my recent shopping rage, I didn’t have that much pedal. For years, I was playing my guitar straight into the amp. I was also using multi-effects boxes instead of stompboxes.… Continue reading

Fender FVP-1 – Passive and True Bypass Volume Pedal

The Fender quality

The Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal is a passive and True Bypass pedal. This is a great volume pedal that, like all passive volume pedals, do not need power supply.

Finishing of this pedal is excellent, like all Fender products. Manufacturing is very robust, which allows intensive use without risk of damage.

This is a very simple volume… Continue reading