Fender FVP-1 – Passive and True Bypass Volume Pedal

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Fender FVP-1-2The Fender quality

The Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal is a passive and True Bypass pedal. This is a great volume pedal that, like all passive volume pedals, do not need power supply.

Finishing of this pedal is excellent, like all Fender products. Manufacturing is very robust, which allows intensive use without risk of damage.

This is a very simple volume pedal, which features a tuner output that I personally find very convenient. You can connect your tuner to that output without it being present in your effects chain. In this way, you can use a cheap tuner and leave it connected all the time when you play, without altering the sound. It also lets you check your tuning continually at a glance, and enable you to tune your guitar with no sound, which is very convenient on stage.

There is nothing worse than hearing a guitarist tuning between songs …

Difference between active and passive volume pedal
it all depends on the use you want to make your pedal.

Active volume pedals need a power supply, and usually own a booster and a buffer. You must set the active stompbox in the end or in the middle of the effect’s chain. If you use active pickups, active pedals will tend to reduce your volume and change the tone of your guitar. If you use very sensitive pedals like wah or fuzz, an active volume pedal will tend to change the tone of these effects.

Passive volume Pedals, do not require power. They are usually powered by a phantom power. It is a simple pedal featuring only the function of volume with no other effect added thereto. Passive volume pedals must be connected directly after your guitar. The disadvantage of passive volume pedals is that if you have noisy effects connected after it, the background noise will always be noticeable even with the volume down to zero. For example, a very noisy distortion pedal. You will in such cases not only have to turn down the volume pedal but also have to disable the distortion box.
In my case, I have always been using passive volume pedal. I own high quality stompboxes, therefore, I do not have excessive noise when the volume pedal is set to zero.

Fender FVP-1-3Other convenient features of this pedal are:

  • adjusting the sensitivity of the Fender FVP-1
  • Special tone circuit that maintains the original tone of the instrument

Where to get the Fender FVP-1

  • Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal@ Amazon
  • Fender FVP-1 @ Thomann for UK resident
  • Ernie Ball equivalence @ InterstateMusic.com

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