Testing the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon

An excellent electro-acoustic guitar at a low price

Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville NylonI bought the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon on Thomann website two months ago, more or less. As I said in the video, I hesitated a long time to buy this guitar. I was very wary about the brand, given the incredibly low price, combined with the negative reviews I have read online. I thought it was mediocre instruments, the type of first-price you could find in the 70s. Like Echo, Vantage and other obscure brands …

But after scrutinizing pictures on Thomann website, and also being reassured by their 30 days refund policy, I finally decided to give it a try.

There is also absolutely no demo about the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville to check on the tube, mine being the first. This has not helped me to make up my mind.

Finally, I am really satisfied with my purchase. The Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon is a great guitar and the price has nothing to do with this decision. I would say the same thing if it cost three time the price. Although today’s instruments are extremely cheap compared to the ones we could buy ten years ago, 175€ for a new electro-acoustic nylon guitar is just hard to believe.

Finishing is superb, the neck is extremely fast and fun to play. The mechanics hold the tuning really well, after several days of stabilizing Alvares strings which are factory mounted. The guitar is extremely light and very well balanced. The tone controls are very effective, particularly the bass knob. (See video)

I composed a song, Funkystic, to put this guitar highlighted. You can listen in the video demo below it.

If you do not want to listen to my blah-blah, just forward the video to 3.20 …

Harley Benton is a sub-brand of Thomann. The mega-selling  site online has created its own brand of first-price instruments and musical equipment. As I already mentioned, all the online reviews about this brand are very negatives. I would like to believe them because I do not tested any Harley Benton products and nobody has ever posted any criticism concerning the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon. But personally I have another Harley Benton guitar and some other items, and I am satisfied with them all.

The net is a very dangerous tool, people complain quickly, demolishing brands or products behind the anonymity of their keyboard, but they almost never post their positive opinions. We must, therefore, be wary of negative reviews by saying that the person is perhaps not qualified to judge this way.

I am personally an electric guitarist and I play very little classical guitar. This guitar is for me and for any guitarist in the same situation the ideal option. If after you have sided with the nylon guitar using this model and if this becomes your main expression, or at least crucial to you style, it goes without saying that you should buy a better quality instrument. But again, considering the quality of this guitar, the price difference is not justified.

Detail of Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon

  • Solid-Body Acoustic/Elctric Series
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Creme Bindings
  • Nato thomann Neck
  • 648mm Scale
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 22 frets
  • Pearl Dot Inlays
  • 48mm Nut Width
  • Rosewood Bridge
  • Deluxe Gold Tuners
  • Integrated Piezo Pickup System with Volume, Bass and Treble Control
  • Hi-Gloss Natural Finish

Get your Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon


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Testing the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon

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