PA-2 Acoustic Preamp from Nux

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Affordable & Portable Acoustic Guitar EFX

PA-2 Acoustic Preamp from NuxThis article is a review of the PA-2 acoustic preamp from Nux.
I’ve bought mine at aliexpress for the small price of 32€; shipping included. The PA-2 is also available on eBay and Amazon. I advise you to do a price comparison before ordering. Sellers from Aliexpress are also selling on eBay, so depending the time of the year it may be cheaper on one or the other. Generally speaking, Amazon is the most expensive of them.
In the video posted in this article, I reviewed the PA-2 acoustic preamp using my Harley Benton Custom line Nashville nylon string guitar and my custom Stratocaster featuring Graph-Tech acoustic preamp. Every song performed are using two guitar parts and a backing track from Band in the Box, using only bass and drums.
For each guitar track, I used a custom sound that I made especially for the songs. Factory settings are right, but I prefer to customize my sound the way I want instead of using factory settings that are most of the time applying too much effects.

nux PA-2 acoustic preamp overview:

At the top of the effect, you have the regular input and output mono jacks as well as a headphone jack.
The three positions slider located under the body knob let you select three different guitar body types. Flat, jumbo and mellow.
The three positions slider under the mod knob features three different chorus types, and the last slider located under the AMB knob owns two reverbs and a delay.
On the lest side you have an auxiliary input to plug a mp3 player or a cd player, and a phase slider switch to reverse the phase of the output signal.
The first knob is the preamp volume. The second knob is the master volume. The third knob is the chorus gain, and the fourth knob is the gain of the ambiance effect.
The alt button changes the functions of the four knobs to compressor volume and a three bands EQ.
There are 18 presets available. Nine factory settings and nine user settings.
Finally, there is a digital tuner and a metronome. Everything is straight forward and easy to use.

Everything is straight forward and easy to use.

Link to the Nux PA-2 Acoustic Preamp

  • PA-2 Nux @ Aliexpress

This post is also available in: French

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2 thoughts on “PA-2 Acoustic Preamp from Nux

  1. Hi,

    Great YouTube videos thanks.

    If you have a moment could you please tell me what the maximum delay is on the PA-2. The manual says 300ms, but I was wanting more. I am using a Pocket Pod with a Martin D-28, but I can’t use the effects without stupid amp and speaker modelling and there is a low pass filter starting from 8kHz! Very strange!

    The PA-2 looks like a good option, but currently I am using 650ms delay for one of our songs.



    1. THere isn’t much range for the delay setting. Actually, I sold it a while ago.

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