New Review of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon Using an A3 Zoom

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Using the Nylon Guitar With The A3 Zoom And A Delrin Pick

harley bentonI decided to make this new video because I received a lot of questions following the first video I published in June. You can check the first article following this link if you are interested.

I also wanted to demo the Harley Benton custom line Nashville nylon guitar again, using the  A3 acoustic preamp from zoom. In the first video I made, I was using my electric amps. Since I like that nylon guitar a lot, I decided to buy a real acoustic preamp to use with it, along with my Delta 6 from Eastwood guitars that I have reviewed recently.

I like this preamp. It actually makes a big difference in sound compared to what you can get plugging  this guitar into an electric amp. I like the sound I get with my Bugera, but it’s definitely a lot better using the A3.

I also wanted to demonstrate the pick I use to solo on this guitar. As I say in the video, I am not a classical guitar player. Therefore, my right and technique is not at the same level as my left-hand. One solution is of course to practice to improve my fingerpicking skills, but another one was to look for the best pick I could find to play a nylon guitar with the best sound possible.

After testing all picks, I finally found the best one. Its a pick from Dugain, made out of Delrin. Brand is not what’s important, but the material. I am using only picks from Dugain for my electric guitar activities. But for electric guitar I’m using other materials such as Buffalo horn or ebony. But it doesn’t sound right for a nylon guitar. Your ear the sound of the pick louder than notes, which is annoying and unusable. But with Delrin material, it sounds almost like if you were playing with your fingers. It’s too soft for an electric guitar, but it’s just perfect for nylon strings.


If you want to listen how this pick sounds, check out at the end of the video, I am playing one of my composition using it. The song is called Quai Des Brunes. There are two guitar parts, both using the zoom A3. I played the rhythmic part in fingerpicking. I added compressor to make my right-hand sounds even. The solo part is performed with another A3 setting, using the Delrin pick from Dugain.

If you are interested about the questions answered, please check out the video from the beginning.

The three question covered are:

  1. how loud does the guitar sound unplugged
  2. can we set strings height individually
  3. what are strings height compared to a real classical guitar

Check out the links below in order to get:

Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon

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A3 Zoom

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I couldn’t find a link for the Dugain pick, but I think that any pick made out of Delrin will work

Picture & video: Hervé Senni


New Review of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon Using an A3 Zoom

This post is also available in: French

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3 thoughts on “New Review of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon Using an A3 Zoom

  1. Merci beaucoup Herve, c’est une tres bon revue! Better than my French for sure! Really appreciate this, finding good, balanced reviews of Harley Benton instruments is SO difficult, and you made my life a lot easier. Glad you did a bit of a review of how it sounds unplugged, as I’m considering this for my girlfriend who’s just a beginner and is self conscious about being heard but doesn’t have the budget for an electric guitar, amp, and headphones. Once again, many thanks!

    1. THx for your comment. It’s always nice to have feedback from my viewers. It gives a meaning to my work.

  2. Hello Herve,
    After licening to your fantastic sound I ordered the same model of Harley Benton nylon guitar and also the Zoom A3. Thank you for all your kind recommendations including the type of pick.
    Now I am wondering if you can kindly share the setup you used for the Zoom A3.
    I tried hard to come close to the tight and warm sound you presented in your video but couldn’t make it.
    Many Thanks

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