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Welcome to senni.com

Senni.com has a goal to share my music and to deliver unbiased review of products you need in order to make music the best way.

I am, like any musician, a gear junky. Given my almost canonical age, I had, or still has an incredible amount of guitars, bass, tuba, amps, pedals and whatnot.

Gear Testing category is intended to help you find the equipment you need, depending on your musical style and the instrument you play. I pride myself to have a great knowledge on the subject, and I hope you make use of my experience to help you make the right choice.

I have, after 40 years of loyal service to the six strings, eventually assembled the right equipment. I probably had to spend much more money than I probably earned to get it. So, If I can avoid you the same waste of time and $$$, my site will have reached its goal…

The Tutorial category publishes in-depth articles on all aspects of home studio, guitar, and use of effects or music software.

The video section of the site publishes the best examples in relation to articles posted on the main site, but also videos of my own compositions. I am not simply publishing great concerts that are readily available on Youtube or any other video sharing sites, but videos that illustrate the best all articles published. Whether improvisation techniques, brand guitar, amp, pedal or use of particular plugin.


Hervé Senni: Born in Nice, France, in the early 60s ( alas ) I started playing guitar at the age of 13 to look like my favorite guitarist of the time: Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. Fortunately for me, I did not look like him physically, but unfortunately not on the guitar either. After years of scales in my room on my Ibanez Stratocaster, exact copy of Ritchie’s strat, and for family reasons, I immigrated to Canada, in Montreal, in 1977.

My arrival to Montreal, which coincided with my discovery of Frank Zappa changed completely my musical path. After taking private lessons for years with guitar and arranging teachers  ( Frank Mella, among others) I went to Concordia University to study music with very high level teachers, in 1982, at  the age of 21.

Very quickly, I had the idea ( ambition ) to start my band that would play my music only. ( Significant influence of Frank Zappa, in style and ego) The University was crowded of extremely talented an eager to play young students. It easily allowed me to start my first group: Aloes.

It was a jazz fusion band of 7 musicians. You can listen to free songs of that era in the music category on this site.

The septet version lasted from 85 to 87. Difficulty in commitments for a large group being totally unknown forced me to reduce the lineup to a quartet.

You can also hear recordings of the quartet that took place in the 90s.

In late 1990, I returned to France where I continued my work as a composer/band leader, and I rode several formations performing my music. I played at festivals and jazz clubs in the South of France under various names such as, Captain Fraise, Aloes and Hervé Senni Group.

In 2000, for financial reasons only, I started learning the tuba. The top 40 band I was in at the time was also running a marching band, and lacked this instrument in their lineup. After a few months of learning, I started walking the town festivals in the south of France, with great pleasure. My chaotic tuba path, from marching band to marching band, eventually led me to play in groups such as Allegria brass band from Beziers and Cannelle from Toulouse.

For health reasons, I distanced myself with the world of professional music in 2004.

In 1999, I discovered the art of web-mastering and software programming. Since, I am professionally dedicated to this new activity. I am continuing my musical activities for fun and passion only.

This site is also intended to introduce you to my new compositions created in my studio, solo or in collaboration with other great musicians I know from around the world.

That’s all folks… for now

This post is also available in: French

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