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The personal Home Studio category publishes articles covering all the gears you need for your home studio.

Soundproofing a Home-Studio with The t.akustik HiLo-P80 Acoustic Foam

Soundproofing finally over

After long weeks of waiting, I was able to complete the soundproofing of my studio. As mentioned in the first post about it, I was waiting for a custom-made soundproofed door I ordered at Panodoc, and of course, the door arrived several weeks late.

Honestly, the studio is finished since well over a month. As you… Continue reading

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 – How to Fix Latency Issue

Solve your latency issue easily


Since the very first day I own the  Focusrite Scarlett 6i6  sound card, I had latency issue that I could not solve. Everything was okay when I was recording, but when I played what I just recorded, the track was way ahead in the tempo. I was trying to be as accurate… Continue reading