Funkystic MP3 – soundtrack of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon’s demo

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1407176819_CaptureListen to Funkystic directly from my Reverbnation account

This is a song I used to demo the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon guitar. You can check out the article if you want to know more about that nylon guitar. But if you don’t care about the guitar review and only want to enjoy the MP3 track, you can listen to it free of charge right here from my Reverbnation personal account.

I wrote the song really fast, when I was discovering that guitar right after I received it. I particularly like the bassline part I played on my six strings Squier bass. I dig the sort of counterpoint grooves going on between drums, bass and guitar. Nothing complicated, but I think it is really effective.

I performed that song all by myself. And except the drums part, nothing is programmed. I played the bass line, the guitar line, and did some sweet orchestrations in the background using either my voice box from Electro Harmonix or a few synth parts performed with “You Rock Guitar” midi controller.

If you enjoy the song and wish to download it, you can do it, for a mere fee of $1.29.

You can also watch the video I produced if you prefer images.

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This post is also available in: French

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