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hervesenniWeb 3.0 Website Featuring My Music

Recently, I turned to the Pro version of my ReverbNation account. It gives many more tools to promote your music. I just finished to make my personal web 3.0 page and reserved the sweet domain name of

This new form of website, called web 3.0 is extremely popular nowadays. You can see an example of such template on the new login page of PayPal. There are more and more websites using that new type of design.

Check it out by yourself by following this link right here.

On the same page, you have access to my two CD recorded when I was living in Canada. Rights underneath you can listen, and buy 😉 my recent compositions which are going to be featured on my coming album.

You can also watch videos I made, who are hosted on YouTube and here on my video blog.

It’s an excellent way to regroup everything in one page and to have a complete overview of my musical activities.

I also recently created my musician page

You can become a fan of that page, and if you are a musician with a ReverbNation account, you can connect with me.

I’d be a happy to approve your request. Check it out here. – New Artist Website on ReverbNation

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