How to Set up a Floyd Rose Vibrato in a Floating Position

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Learn how to set up your tremolo easily

Floyd Rose vibrato are afloyd rose tremolomong the best whammy bars available in the market. When set correctly, they deliver a fantastic job. You can achieve dive bombs or bend up your strings to make really cool effects.

The problem is, it is not obvious to set up. Out-of-the-box it looks like it, but it’s not. There are tricks you need to know in order to set it up correctly; otherwise, you will get out of tune every time you’d use it.

This short video shows you how I proceed to set up a Floyd Rose vibrato. Actually, it’s quite easy to do. You just need to know how and have the right tools.

Talking about tools, you only need a 9 V battery, a Phillips screwdriver, a plier and the Allen keys delivered with the whammy bar to set it up and to block the locking nut.

What are the tools used for:

  • 9 V battery: to block the vibrato while setting up the strings and also to block the tremolo block when adjusting tuning.
  • Phillips screwdriver: to adjust the claw
  • plier: to cut strings and install springs on the claw
  • Alan Keys: to adjust the vibrato

The video starts right after I installed the whammy bar on the guitar and put up strings. This part is actually quite easy. The only thing you have to pay extreme attention to is when you are setting up strings height. You really need to pay close attention to this.

Under any circumstances, never set up string height with strings tension and springs tension on. You will sooner or later, and much sooner than later, damage irremediably the studs. And once done, there is nothing else to do except removing the studs, orders new ones and start all over again. I’m talking about that because I’ve been through that. So, if you don’t want to have extra work and cost, please follow my advice.

The rest of the video is crystal-clear. You just need to follow each step in the same order and your whammy bar is going to be set up correctly.

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How to Set up a Floyd Rose Vibrato in a Floating Position

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This post is also available in: French

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