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stock musicRoyalty Free Music and Sound Effects

This article is my honest and sincere opinion about Productiontrax.
I created my account three months ago. You can check my store following this link.

Productiontrax is a stock media Portal where you can sell your music and sound effects.

Many websites are operating in this business field, but Productiontrax has a unique and appealing approach.

Productiontrax guideline

  • They offer a 65/35 share, wish is the highest royalty split in the business.
  • There is no approval process. You can upload your files right after registration and appear online immediately.
  • You can set your price.
  • You can embed your shop on your website or any online services such as Facebook page, or any free hosting service, like Blogger, Tumblr, etc. and improve your sales.
  • You can represent an endless amount of artists into one account.

Fine-tune your writing skills

This site is handy, especially for beginners. When you start in this business form, it is incredibly frustrating to be rejected without any explanation by other services or to have to wait eight weeks and more to possibly be accepted… or not.

With Productiontrax you can test your music and compare it with your competitors. Not only in term of musical quality but production values, style, how songs are developed and constructed.

You can also change your files endlessly, and fine tune your mix, mastering, edit a track or the entire song and amend your portfolio as much as you want.

How to write stock music

Composing for stock music is different than writing pure music.
The music is an accompaniment to something else, like a voice-over, images, etc. Your preferred composition might sound amazing to listen to but might not work as a background music for a promo video.

It is also recommended to create multiple version of the same song to improve your chances of conversion, and also to create the perfect toolkit for your customers. Multiple full lengths versions of the song, 30″ jingle, 60″ jingle, all the possible loops you can in your song, etc.

stock musicManaging your music

Uploading your files is incredibly easy. You just have to select your wave files, click OK, click on the Start Upload button and wait.

They take care of transforming the files in mp3 for the preview song. Once files are uploaded, you only have to add the presentation text, keywords, select the music style, set the price, and publish your work. Et voila! Your work is on sale.

How to get the best of Productiontrax

If you want to have some success on stock music sites, you must upload a lot of music. And you must upload on a daily basis too. Especially at Productiontrax.

Since music is not moderated, your upload stays on the first page for a couple of hours max. Depending on the time of the day you upload your files, you might stay on the first page for 10 minutes or less.

If you do not publish music for a few days, your percentage view drops instantly, as well as your sales rate.

If you have a vast portfolio to upload, you are better to release few files every day over an extended period, instead of submitting the entire portfolio overnight.

Creating your account is straightforward. Just follow this link and fill in your login and administrative info, like on any other site. Confirm your account and upload your music.

Your first song can be online in ten minutes from now.

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This post is also available in: French

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