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My Shop at productiontrax

I’m writing Royalty Free Music you can use for your project. You buy the song once, and you can use it as much as you want, for every project you might need.

No more copyright property dispute on Youtube. You can use the same song for every video or buy a new one each time. It’s up to you.

My music fits for movie, soundtrack, Youtube video, radio, presentation, etc. I’m also writing in various styles of music, from Cinematic to rock and everything in between. You’ll certainly find out what you need.

I’m adding new music on a weekly basis, so bookmark this page and come back often.

If you are looking for a certain type of song that is not featured in my account, please shoot me a line and I’ll be happy to write it and add it to my portfolio.

There are few limitations in the use of Royalty Free Music. You can’t use my music for a ringtone or claim the copyright property. You can’t also add lyrics to it and publish it as your song. And of course, you can’t resell it. (No cheap Fiverr gigs) Simple common sense.

In the event you would like to use my music as a backing track for your song, please contact me. We’ll sort something out. Just don’t buy the song first.

You can also search for other composers work following this link.

This post is also available in: French