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herve senni music sound cloudSound Cloud: My New Social Media Account

Update: I closed my SoundCloud account. If you want to listen to my albums, they are accessible on the major streaming and downloading platform online.
Check out this link

Sound Cloud is one of the most important music portal online. After setting up my account at ReverbNation, I logically created my Sound Cloud account.

I’m euphoric about it. It was extremely easy and fast to upload all the songs I have posted at ReverbNation. I uploaded them all in one go. I let the computer running while uploading a video at YouTube, and the next morning it was all over since hours.

If you are a Sound Cloud user and if you like my music, please follow me. I’d be really happy to follow you in return. Whether you are, a musician like me using online resources, or a music fan uploading your favorite music. I’d be interested to swap links and to see what type of music you are interesting in.

Sound Cloud is more limited than ReverbNation; there’s no video or such. But for whatever reason, I found the sound much better. My songs have more bass than the ones hosted at ReverbNation. The worst one sound wise is YouTube without a doubt. They  compress the sound way too much. I love doing videos, but it is frustrating to hear your song on YouTube. Most of the time I don’t  evne recognize the mix I did just a few hours before or my guitar sound. Instrument that are really low in the mix are louder than any other once on Youtube…. Anyways, the  more places to upload my music the better.

Feel free to share my songs on your sites or social media pages. I’ll thank you a thousand time in advance.

The logo I used on Sound Cloud is a logo I am going to use for a project I’d like t keep secret for now. I’ll talk about it pretty soon, don’t worry. 😉 I am working on it a lot now, which explains why I’m not updating this site as much as I should since couple of weeks.

Get access to my Sound Cloud account following this link.
You can follow me, share my music wherever you want, download the app store or get my music on Google play.

Sound Cloud – Listen to This Senni’s Music

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This post is also available in: French

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