Funk You MP3 – Custom Scalloped Fender Stratocaster

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Funk You – Custom-Made Scalloped StratocasterListen to Funk You Hosted on ReverbNation

I recorded that song right after I assembled my scalloped Stratocaster. I made a post about it where I explained how I did it and how much it cost me. If you are interested about it, check the post here.
I composed it for one of my last band, somewhere around 1995. It has a great riff that grooves a lot.

The song is pretty straightforward except for the middle part in 7/4 rhythm. I created the main bass line riff, based on a Brecker brothers song called if you wanna boogie. The result is entirely different, but the at the idea of the groove is the same, of course.

That song is tailor-made for the scalloped guitar. Recording it is the first thing I did a couple of hours after getting used to my new guitar. Since, I set up two scalloped guitars and returned that one as a regular Stratocaster. But this is another story.

I also used my regular Stratocaster to play the accompaniment parts and counter melody in the B part.

If you prefer to watch the video of it, check it out on my video blog.

You can download it for the cheap price of $1.29 if you wish to listen to it on your Walkman or any of the devices. Otherwise, you can listen to it for free right here.

Funk You MP3 – Custom Scalloped Fender Stratocaster

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This post is also available in: French

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