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9 – Way Switching Strat System Featuring Half Out Of Phase Middle Pickup and Varitone

Loaded Pickguard Or Complete Guitar Available

This article covers two different and complementary products in one.

I recently set up a new Stratocaster featuring the less common, but extremely interesting pickguard known under the name off 9 – Way Switching Strat System. It also has the middle pick up half out-of-phase, also identified has the hOoP setting. Don’t ask me… Continue reading

Custom Stratocaster SSS Series Parallel & Warm Switch Setting – Wilkinson Pickups

Custom Stratocaster assembled with handmade loaded pickguard

This Union Jack designed Stratocaster will please UK guitar players. I assembled it with a loaded pickguard featuring the parallel and series setting, as well as a warm switch and a six position varitone.

The guitar has a 22 frets Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. The body is made out of Basswood.… Continue reading

Fender Stratocaster Modern Player HSH Test – Chinese Stratocaster Model

Mahogany Fender Stratocaster from China

As you probably know, Fender expanded their factories around the word. After making guitars in Mexico since years, they decided to take benefit of the cheap and high-quality labor from Chinese guitar makers. Who can blame them? Every big brand and smaller ones are doing the same. It’s a pity for local workers in so-called… Continue reading

Demo of the Harley Benton – 612 CS classic Serie RB

Reissue of the 12 string Rickenbacker


That guitar is from the Classic Serie from Harley Benton. They are reproducing famous guitar from the past. From the flying V to the Stratocaster.

The Harley Benton – 612 CS classic Serie RB is the reproduction of the famous Rickenbacker from the 60. The body shape is a little different from the… Continue reading

New Review of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon Using an A3 Zoom

Using the Nylon Guitar With The A3 Zoom And A Delrin Pick

I decided to make this new video because I received a lot of questions following the first video I published in June. You can check the first article following this link if you are interested.

I also wanted to demo the Harley Benton custom line Nashville nylon guitar… Continue reading

Testing The Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

Chambered Body Vintage Guitar Reissued

Eastwood guitars as you probably know reproduces legendary vintage guitars with the technology and techniques of today’s luthiers.

This particular model is the National Newport Guitar of 1962. Valco manufactured it between 1958 and 1964. At the time, National Newport guitars were made of fiberglass. They called it Res-O-Glass for commercial reasons, but it is… Continue reading

How to Make a Scalloped Stratocaster for Less Than €250

Make Your Own For Cheap

I own quite a bunch of different guitars. Not because I’m a collector, but because I want to possess all possible types of guitar available to have all existing tools at my disposal when recording.

A scalloped guitar was missing in my lineup. I was thinking about it since a long time, and I was… Continue reading

Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars Demo – Resonator Hollow Body Guitar

Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars – Two Guitars In One

I bought this guitar almost a year ago. I was very intrigued by the result of such instrument. I knew the traditional Dobro guitars, but I’ve never seen hybrid guitars like this one, a sort of mix between a 335 Gibson and a resonator guitar.

I love this instrument. I am… Continue reading

Testing the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon

An excellent electro-acoustic guitar at a low price

I bought the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville-Nylon on Thomann website two months ago, more or less. As I said in the video, I hesitated a long time to buy this guitar. I was very wary about the brand, given the incredibly low price, combined with the negative reviews I have… Continue reading