9 – Way Switching Strat System Featuring Half Out Of Phase Middle Pickup and Varitone

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Stratocaster SSS 9 way switch Half Out-Of-PhaseLoaded Pickguard Or Complete Guitar Available

This article covers two different and complementary products in one.

I recently set up a new Stratocaster featuring the less common, but extremely interesting pickguard known under the name off 9 – Way Switching Strat System. It also has the middle pick up half out-of-phase, also identified has the hOoP setting. Don’t ask me about the strange uppercase use, this is how it is referred to.

If you check the video down below, you can see and hear a review of the guitar and, therefore, the pickguard.

The guitar features:

  • 21 frets Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Auto-locking tuners
  • basswood sunburst body
  • Fender vibrato block
  • 2 Running trees
  • Pickguard details

3 Wilkinson MWHS Single Coil Pickups

  • MWHSN 5.6K DC (Neck)
  • MWHSM 5.6K DC (Middle)
  • MWHSB 6.1K DC (Bridge)

First switch

it increases the selector possibility to nine pickup setting instead of five.

In middle position, there is the five regular Fender Stratocaster pickup setting available.

In first position, you get access to the series setting. Fifth spot delivers neck and middle pickup in series. In fourth place, you get neck and bridge pickup in series and middle pickup wired in parallel.

In the third position, you get access to the seven sound system. First position, neck and bridge pickup are wired together in parallel while in the second position all three pickups are wired altogether in parallel.

Second switch

This is the famous Half Out Of Phase middle pickup wiring.

Listen the video to hear what the hOoP setting sounds like.

Six position Varitone

I’m adding a Varitone on most of my loaded pickguard. It is by far the best tool to expand the guitar tonal capacity with a turn of a switch.

Capacitors value:

  • Direct through
  • 0.047uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.0047uF

Check out the demo video

You can get the complete guitar or the pickguard only at my guitar part website.

The song used in the intro and outro of the video is a composition of mine called: Strat me Up. You can listen the full video on my video blog right here.

9 – Way Switching Strat System Featuring Half Out Of Phase Middle Pickup and Varitone

This post is also available in: French

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