The Sounds That Shake the Masses – Electro-Jazz Album Backyard

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Electro-Jazz AlbumElectro-Jazz Album – Electric Guitars & Modern Grooves

Electro-Jazz Album – Electric Guitars & Modern Grooves

You hear it. It’s rocking the jazz world. You know that kind of music that blends jazz elements with other musical styles, such as funk, soul, rock, electronic dance music, and free improvisation.

The electro-Jazz Album Backyard is my latest release. It regroups eleven original songs composed recently in the privacy of my home studio.

At first, those songs were written to be on sale at music licensing websites such as Productiontrax and Pond5. Finally, after uploading a bunch of them, I decided to launch an album as well. I selected a collection of pieces that work great together, and here we are. The backyard album was born.

Each song was created fast. Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in the afternoon. As time goes by, I write simpler and quicker. I find that a simple composition is more useful than a complicated arrangement.

The electric grooves and obvious bluesy-rocky influence do just what you expect them to. There’s a lot to be taken in here, an album that knows what it is and is comfortable with that, which isn’t bad at all; the comfortableness of the work also leads to it being comforting to listen to.

You’d come across songs like “Lakshmi” which mixes electro grooves with traditional Indian rhythms. Warm synth sounds with blues/rock guitars. While “Solem” is a bewitching song featuring various rock guitars over an ambient electro groove. It has a drama feeling and a strong and catchy riff that comes back regularly.

And the midtempo electro-rock. Electric guitars, choir, African percussion and drum machine “Mooncircle”. An ambient slow song with an atmospheric feeling. A mix of electro rhythms and traditional Indian percussion. The dialogue between a warm bluesy guitar and a vintage synth solo sound found in “Thrillmatic”. And “Volt Rider” a medium funk groove with traditional Indian percussions with various guitars such as 12 strings Stratocaster, and vintage synth. Repetitive rhythm with a captivating repetition of the main riff

How about “Funk March,” owns the Second line groove. Funk rock feel. Straightforward and effective orchestration. Two guitars, a bass, and a drum track. Yet there’s “Jungle Fever,” a fast jungle groove. Speed tempo and ambient mood. “Funky Groove,” a song that’s easy to listen to with a light funky rock. 2 guitars nailed it, with a bass, drums and a beautiful brass section.

“Electro-Jazz Album Backyard” is available on every streaming platform such as Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. It can also be downloaded from sites such as Itunes, Google Plays, Amazon, Microsoft Groove, etc.

You can listen to “The electro-Jazz Album Backyard,” for free, on every music streaming sites available out there. The album is published on more than 150 platforms. Distrokid distributes my music and therefore, my albums can be found on almost every music streaming services online.

With a monthly registration to any of those music stores give you access to listen to every music you want for the price of your enrollment. The only thing you have to do is to look for my name: “Hervé Senni,” or the album name: “The electro-Jazz Album Backyard.”

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This post is also available in: French

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