Keep It Simple – New Orleans Second Line Rock

Music Album Keep It Simple Is available in Streaming and Download

Music Album Keep It Simple

Here, I’m Presenting a raw and gritty sound that fuses my alternative style with vivid, trippy rock tones, layered with the Ethnic ambiance combined with electronic moods and grooves and at the same time tried all I can to “Keep It Simple”

“Keep It Simple” album features a collection of composition and arrangement using grooves such as Second line, New Orleans as well as west coast. The idea behind this music album is to focus on groove and musicality. I only used New Orleans and west coast rhythm to create a unity between every song.

I just wanted to create a group sound, while keeping up with the same drum and bass sound for every song and same guitar effects as well. I intentionally reduced the amount and use of pedals to hear the natural sound of each guitar more.

The musical approach is also different. I created each part as melodic as possible in order to have every instrument stands out even stronger. My approach is: to play in other musician’s holes. I put that one ‘sexy’ word on purpose, but it seems to sum up my concept closely thought of. The point is, when one instrument is more active the other ones are less busy to let the most prominent part stands out.

All the instruments are involved in the melodic aspect of the song. Therefore, to avoid having a wall of sound, each instrument must give room to the others. It gives a clearer and more efficient result.
Playing like that involves a different approach. Each part is less complicated and therefore easier to play but require a different listening.

Instead of playing their instrument, each musician plays the orchestra. It’s an entirely different approach that changes the role of each player and forces them to listen differently. Instead of being concentrated on their part, they have to focus on everybody’s parts and play around them.

I also only utilized guitars owning a vintage sound and purposely employed the same effects. As usual, all the guitars used were custom built by me. I only play with guitars assembled or heavily modified by me.

Of course, I played all the parts, so it is easier to do that when overdubbing instead of playing it live with different players, but this is the concept used in this music album. And the amazing drummer performing the task of grooving like hell is Magnus Brandell from I played every other instrument, bass, and guitar tracks as well as occasional keyboard work.

Keep it Simple is not only the name of the album and the name of one song. It is the motto of the entire album. Each part must be as simple as possible. That’s why every time I was recording a track, I’d ask myself “how can I get the same result if I simplify this part as much as possible?” The outcome was always better than the original attempt. Straight to the point!

The music album was mixed and mastered using Neutron and Ozone from Izotope. Those two programs are amazing and give to the music the professional result to sound like a pro mix.

I’m in the process of re-mastering my first four albums. Stay tuned for their release anytime soon.
Keep It Simple is available on every streaming platform such as Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. It can also be downloaded from sites such as Itunes, Google Plays, Amazon, Microsoft Groove, etc.

You can listen to “Keep It Simple Album,” for free, on every music streaming sites available out there. The album is published on more than 150 platforms. Distrokid distributes my music and therefore, my albums can be found on almost every music streaming services online.

With a monthly registration to any of those music stores allow you to listen to every music you want for the price of your enrollment. The only thing you have to do is to look for my name: “Hervé Senni,” or the album name: “Keep It Simple.”

Links to Stream Keep It Simple

Links to download Keep It Simple

I included two embedded version of my music album. One on Deezer and the other one on Spotify. You need to be logged in your account to hear the songs for free.



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