HH Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard Featuring Wilkinson WHHB Humbuckers Alnico V Pickups

HH Loaded Pickguard - Wilkinson WHHB Alinco V Humbucker Pickups

HH Pickguard for Stratocaster Guitar Type

In my search of releasing every possible Stratocaster pickguard imaginable; I recently released the HH Stratocaster loaded big or featuring Wilkinson WHHB humbuckers.

The pickguard is intended for people using Stratocaster guitar who are more into big rock sound. People who don’t care about the middle pickup and the funky type of sound that Strat lovers like.

The two humbuckers from Wilkinson are amazing. They sound warm and large and are tailor-made to play with big heavy sounds. They are in the first place intended for Les Paul replacement pickups. They are also used in HSS, or HSH Stratocaster settings.

Despite the lack of a middle pickup, I managed to include two push-pull potentiometers to split each pickup independently. The volume pot splits the neck pickup while the tone pot splits the bridge pickup. It offers all the pickups setting and deliver a nice strat single coil sound….

I also included a mini varitone, featuring three setting. It’s not a rotary pot, but a switch added to the tonality pot.

It’s not a rotary pot, but a switch added to the tonality pot.

  • 0.0 22 UF
  • Direct Through
  • 0.033 UF

It gives three different sound filters you can fine-tune with the tone pot. Minus the Direct Through option that can’t be edited with the tone pot, since it’s a capacitor free setting.

As usual, the pickguard is shielded with copper foil sheet and soldered with Silver solder to offer the best contact possible.

Check out the video below where I’m demonstrating the HH Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard Featuring Wilkinson WHHB Humbuckers Alnico V Pickups

You can order it on my guitar part websites.

Get the HH Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard

HH Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard Featuring  Wilkinson WHHB Humbuckers Alnico V Pickups

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