Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard – Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Alnico V Humbuckers

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Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard Featuring Belcat Hot Rail Alnico V PickupsHot Rail Humbuckers with the size of Single Coils

This loaded pickguard features three Belcat hot rail humbucker pickups. It is an entirely different sound compared the pickguard I am usually producing.

The sound is much fatter and powerful that regular single coils or humbuckers commonly used on Stratocaster. It’s amazing the volume these pickups have.

Hot rails are a type of microphone for guitar. There are lots of different kinds of pickups such as lipsticks, single coils or humbuckers. Of course, all brands produce the entire panoply of available pups for guitar.

I used the Chinese brand named Belcat. They deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price. They don’t have the fame of established US brands, but sincerely I don’t see any differences in quality compared to more renowned brands like Seymour Duncan and the like.

Pickguard options:


  • 3 Pickups Belcat BHS -94 Hot Rail Strat Blade Coil
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • Color: Black
  • DC Resistance: 12.6K ohm

six position Varitone

The varitone lets you choose among six positions and five capacitors. It offers an excellent choice of different filters.

Capacitors included:

  • 0.0047uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.047uF
  • Direct Through

The direct through option is a capacitor free position on the varitone. You have no filter of any kind between pickups and amp. It delivers a much brighter sound.

Direct through is usually used as lead sound on any guitar, but with those pickups, it gives the extra bite you need to get a brighter sound. It can, of course, be used as lead sound too.

Those Hot Rail pickups have lots of bottom, so the direct through setting is a blessing for this type of setup. You can get sounds close to regular single coils with the silence and power of humbuckers.

Keep in mind that when Direct Through is selected, the tone pot is inactive.

Check out the video below

You can get that loaded pickguard on my guitar parts website. That product, like most of my other goods for sale on this site, can be back ordered

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2 thoughts on “Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard – Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Alnico V Humbuckers

  1. I really like the sounds you get. I saw a video where you use Belcat hot rails. It inspired me to get a set for my Squier Standard Strat. I haven’t a clue how to wire them. No diagram was included. Can you please email me a wiring diagram or tell me where I can get one for the Belcat Hotrails? Thank you so much 😀

    1. It all depends about the options you want to include in your pickguard. But, as far as Belcat Hotrail wiring goes, you wire them like a regular humbucker.
      the only twist is the matching colors.
      Compared to the official Seymour Duncan color code it is:
      Black SD = Red Belcat
      White SD = Green Belcat
      Red SD = White Belcat
      Green SD = Black Belcat

      Choose the image option and Google for any HHH wiring.

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