Waiting The Home Studio

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Last step before the home studio completion

As I explained in the video bellow, I’m waiting for a soundproofed door to complete the building of my home studio. This the last but crucial step to complete the studio.

Senni.com is a site intended to review musical gears, such as guitars, effects, amps and all the required studio gears you need to perform at the best level.

I’m also going to post regularly original songs recorded in my coming studio, as well as song from my past groups, starting from 1984 up to the days of today, and regular guitar tips covering:

  • Improvisation
  • Rhythm
  • Sound
  • Composition
  • Arrangement techniques

Stay tuned for future videos, this site is intended to rock.

I’m new to video making so please excuse the poor quality of this one. I am going to improve my skills, videos after videos, and in a couple of months I’m sure I’d be able to produce average quality clips

My living room has lots of reverb! Can’t wait to be in my padded studio. This is a problem with duplex featuring high ceiling. Anyways, the place is brand new and lack of furniture so…

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This post is also available in: French

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