Home Studio Soundproofing Part 1

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Installing the sound absorber foam

P1080282Here is few pictures that show you the current state of my up and coming home studio.
As already mentioned in a previous video, I am still waiting for a soundproofed door that long in coming.
Given that the door will not be there before May 24, I decided to soundproof the studio, leaving a free space around the door that must be changed to avoid soiling the foam when I’ll install it.

I used an acoustic absorber foam ordered from Thomann, and I must admit that I am very satisfied with the result. There’s only one problem, they are packaged anyhow. the sizing of each foam is slightly different from each other, which turned the job difficult to be square. Nevertheless, the result is very satisfactory.
Check out the slideshow of my soundproofing labor day.
I spent the evening until two in the morning to play the guitar and even if the door is not soundproofed yet, nobody complained and I still have not received a visit from the police. This bodes well … 🙂

I just installed my guitars, amps and pedalboard. The sound is excellent. I was worried the sound going to be too muffled, but It’s just perfect. I set the amp’s volume to 1 and I have a superb sound, despite the home studio being so small. Even with the distortion on … (This explains that. )

I still have to get the P.C, sound card, midi keyboard and remaining gears to get my studio complete, and I’d be ready to rock.
I’m tired of waiting, I’d start recording and taping videos before the studio is completely finished. I have too many ideas in mind, I have the urge to play.
The end of this long journey is in sight.

Selection of Acoustic Foam

  • Acoustic Foam@ AMazon

Pictures: Hervé Senni

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