Always on display – AOA – Always on AMOLED – Always on display clock widget – Super AMOLED on screen

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Always on AMOLED (AOA) is a unique always-on display that gives you information about your notifications with edge lighting, clock, date, current weather, music controls and more, right on your screen without touching your phone or tablet.

Our app is free and designed to use 0% CPU and low system resources while holding your screen to see all the important details.

To always show the digital clock, we use the smartphone’s AMOLED function. This super amoled function is called ambient display or active display. Always on display (AOD) keeps a limited area of ​​the screen on during sleep mode.

Super amoled clock widget with lock screen does not consume battery because on screen clock always on screen turns on the pixels needed to display text, graphics or graphics while other pixels are turned off.

Free AMOLED screen clock screensaver is used to display the clock on the screen. This lock screen clock widget has both analog clocks and digital LED clock templates. Download this amazing time widget app to display the clock on the lock screen.

Download the photo clock wallpaper app that provides information about date, time and notification on the super amoled screen clock widget. If you have a digital clock LED widget app, you don’t even need to touch your phone screen to see what’s happening on your mobile. This analog clock widget is designed to display basic information on the Super AMOLED screen.

All the information about photo clock wallpapers will not disappear from the screen. Even if you have password protected your screen and all information like date is locked, time will be displayed on lock screen with custom text clock on screen. If you are looking for a stylish clock or a custom text clock or if you want to display a quote on the screen, this photo clock wallpaper will meet your needs.

SUPER AMOLED Live Wallpapers (Display on Screen) is designed for this and propose to display some basic information on black screen whenever you want. All this information is permanently displayed on your screen. If you want to see what’s happening on your phone, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to see the latest notifications, in an equally pleasant and minimalistic way by using this best Always on Display app.

Always on Display is an Amoled app that displays basic information like mobile time, date, notification, messages notifications

Battery level and much more on black screen when your mobile screen is “OFF”.

Amoled Photo Clock Wallpaper Always On Display keeps your screen always on to show you the time in digital and analog clock.

Clock always on display shows information about time, date, notification and much more.

This always on view amoled shows all this information without touching your device.

If you have installed Amoled Photo Clock Wallpaper Always On Display, you don’t need a smartwatch.


i. Collection of Awesome Digital and Analog Clocks ii. Amazing UI/UX and very easy to use. iii. Custom live clock wallpapers. iv. Show battery level and less battery consumption. v. Show quote on your mobile screen. vi. Easily custom text and clock on screen ie color and styles. vii. You can use this app as Neon night clock wallpaper.


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