Bad Habit MP3 – Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars | Hollow Body Dobro Guitar

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Bad Habit MP3 - Delta 6 Eastwood GuitarsBad habit is a song I wrote in 1991 when I got back from Canada. I played it live with a group I formed when I arrived in France with musicians from south of France.

We performed this song often in jazz clubs and open air gigs. At the time, we played it straightforward like a regular jazz standard. Even if the version we made of it was interesting, it was way too much standard for me. I am more into a modern approach of music and. The old fashion bebop style is not something I like.

Earlier this month, I was making a video review of the Delta 6 Eastwood guitars. Right away I felt that this guitar was the instrument I need to perform this song the way I want. A mix of a hollow body and electric guitar sound. The perfect blend to make the song sounds much more modern while keeping the traditional jazz sound to it.

There are two guitar parts in Bad Habit, both using the Delta 6 Eastwood guitars. The rhythmic part is played using a A3 zoom acoustic preamp with the guitar pickups set to 50% position; a blend between the neck pickup and the Piezo pickup. I’m using it as an acoustic guitar to contrast with the electric sound of the lead guitar.

I performed the lead part with the same guitar and, among various different effects, I used massively the Soul Food from Electro Harmonicx for the Main theme, and crunch sound for the rest of the song. I also used the WMD super Fatman Wah and in the end, during the crazy final chorus, I’m adding the Boss PS6 harmonizer set in fifth.

I hope you enjoy the song. If you want to download it to play on your Walkman, you can get it for a small fee of  $1 .29.

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Check out this link to get it or to listen other songs of mine.

This post is also available in: French

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