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About game

Can I eat it? is also a fun game for children and adults. Your job is to decide what to eat and what not to eat. The game is over if you don’t let the girl eat what she can eat or if you let her eat what she cannot eat.


  • Made in Construct 2 – No plugins needed!
  • Approx. Game size: 3MB // Memory usage: 47MB
  • Responsive game design
  • Compatible with most internet browsers
  • What’s Included: Image (single item in .PNG format), Music, Construct 2.CAPX file.
  • Ready for Android Export – Preview in Google Play – (link)

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    Can you adapt the game to my requirements?

  • Unfortunately not. I am currently making new games. But I believe you will find many other great developers who will help you.
    Can I export the game to Android (.apk)?

  • Certainly. But the package does not contain a tutorial on how to do it and I cannot assure you of the full compatibility with the mobile devices. However, Construct 2 supports exporting the game to .apk using a third party.

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