Jeronimo MP3 – Fender Squier Bullet HSS Review Video’s Soundtrack

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jeronimo_funk_Fender_Squier_Bullet_HSSlisten to Jeronimo for free

This is the MP3 version of the song I used to illustrate the demo of the Fender Squier Bullet HSS.

I used this guitar exclusively for the recording of this song. Apart from the two guitar parts, there are only a bass line I played with my six-string Squier, and midi drum track.
The inspiration for this piece goes back a good decade ago. The basic idea comes from the drum beat that was given to me by drummer Jerome Antonuccio, hence the name Jeronimo with a J in his honor. It was a nickname I gave him and then I found that it was an excellent song name.

If you like the song, you can download it for $ 1.29 only. Otherwise, you can listen to it for free as much as you like.

This post is also available in: French

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