Happy As A Bean – Second Line Instrumental Jazz Fusion

Happy As A Bean – Second Line Groove

Happy As A Bean is featured on the album Keep It Simple. The approach of this album is to be as effective as simple as possible. I am more and more tired of songs where every instrument is so busy playing that you only hear a wall of sound.

I asked myself more and more, why bothering myself recording impossible parts to play when you barely hear them during the final mix.

Not only you don’t hear the internal lines, but the overall aspect of the production is muddy, unclear and in the end unpleasant. Those types of songs are also a pain to mix. SO many info happening at the same time, frequencies are clashing between them.

It’s difficult when you are playing, and your style is into “virtuoso” performances, to calm down and to leave as much room as possible to let the other parts shine. But when you do, and especially if you are doing that for every track, the tune sounds a million time better and is so easy to mix.

This approach is the concept of this album, and since, my new style of music producing. Even if the styles are different, you can adapt this approach to any type of music. From jazz to metal and everything in between. The idea is not to play an instrument but to play the band.

Enjoy Happy As A Bean


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