Hervé Senni – Latest Album: Galaxy drop

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Galaxy Drop Album -Available on streaming and download

Galaxy Drops - Hervé Senni
Galaxy Drops – Hervé Senni

Galaxy Drop is my newest album starring 12 original tunes.
I taped them throughout my copyright-free business journey. Most of my music was available on websites like Pond5, Productiontrax, and many different sites at the time.

This business plan didn’t work for long. Most of those online services are no longer active nowadays. That emerging industry was killed almost instantly by Youtube, who began offering many free music tracks to use with videos. Why trying to sell backing tracks to people when they can get them without spending a dime?

I also was not satisfied to give up control over my tracks and possibly get them employed to support cheesy video clips.

Also, Sacem ( my copyright organization) was, in fact, entirely opposed to the idea.

The following recording is one of several I produced. It offers the very best killer tracks that you may listen to, like a simple tune without the video’s need. A lot of time, soundtracks alone sound incomplete.

I assembled all of them by style to obtain a certain amount of continuity to each recording. Galaxy Drop is the penultimate record displaying my copyright music work.
I combined different music types in this project: Nu jazz tracks like Green Bag, Mighty and Slow Motion. Afro tracks including Dholak, African night, as well as, Kassa Ni Soro, and then electro-jazz with a song like Jungle.
Furthermore, I interpreted older tunes of mine, such as Hypnotic Pyramid, Nostalgia, and Quai des Brunes.
Nostalgia is a piece of music I composed when I was Twenty years old. It is influenced by Erik Satie’s composition, the Gymnopedies. Quaie des Brunes is one of my themes I am interpreting in every conceivable music style possible. It’s not my favorite, even if I like it a lot, but it is the one that can be easily played in many different grooves. I think it is included almost on every album. The one included in this project is, at last, the initial bossa nova music style I used to write the melody in 2000.
Finally, I added a few tracks in which I utilized the sitar-guitar I constructed. Galaxy drops the main title of the album, as well as Senntar, the sitar-guitar nickname.
Like all my LPs, I performed every single musical instrument apart from the drums. I am employing a great application offering drum loops performed by genuine drummers and using natural drum tones for the drum sound. I by no means applied the quantize function on any one of my records. I do not even know how to use it.

You can stream online Galaxy drop at numerous website pages.

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