Impressive features of the Emerson GQ756 karaoke machine

It is the most suitable karaoke system you will ever need in your home. From the screen to the speakers, the features would simply impress the home owner. It’s a product that every discerning owner should have. Some of the most notable features of the Emerson GQ756 karaoke machine are listed below.

CD / MP3 karaoke player

The machine is a CD / MP3 / CDG / MP3G karaoke player. This gives you a variety of options as the user to play your favorite tracks on the machine. The machine has a slot that allows you to insert a USB card. So you can store as many songs as you want in the card and listen to them whenever you want.

IPod / MP3 player compatible

The Emerson GQ756 karaoke machine gives you the ability to listen to the songs you have stored in your MP3 player. This is convenient because it allows you to listen to your songs through its high quality speakers. The machine comes with a slot that allows you to charge your MP3 / iPod. It would be convenient to provide you with another way to charge your devices while you are listening to your music.

Record playback function

With the Emerson GQ756, there is a record play button that allows you to record yourself while you sing your favorite track. All you have to do is press the button and your voice will be recorded as you sing along.

Loudspeaker and headphone jack

The speakers of the Emerson karaoke machine have a sound power of 20 watts. Their output is crystal clear and you would like to listen to more and more songs in the machine. The machine has a headphone jack pin which allows you to listen to your favorite songs without disturbing others. It’s very convenient if you want to listen to your songs in private.

Remote control

The other great accessory that comes with the machine is the remote control. This allows you to control the audio system or choose songs without being physically standing or near the machine. It would be quite ideal, especially if you are tired and want to stay on the couch.

Balance control

The Emerson Karaoke System has Vocal and Music Balance Control which allows you to control the vocal balance of your tracks or the song you are listening to. This function can equalize unfavorable sounds and give you beautiful melody.

The Emerson karaoke machine has treble and bass control which allows you to control the sound quality of your tracks and songs. You can control the uneven treble sounds and make the song enjoyable to listen to. The machine comes with a microphone that allows you to engage in song practices. The buyer receives an MP3G containing a total of 100 songs. The Emerson GQ756 also has a fairly simple and convenient to use 4-inch color display, AC / DC adapter and digital echo.

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