Lyrical Video Maker – MV Video Status Maker, Whatsapp Status Saver, Admob, Fb, Unity Ads App Code

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    • Remove watermark during export (users must watch reward video (revenue increases by 20%)
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    • Preview video while image selection
    • Change text on the videos
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    Hey, we launched our Lyrical Video Status Maker V2 – New MV Master V2 Watch now:

    It has more features with such offering.

    • Video status with swipe function
    • Ad control from the admin panel – Total control

    Lyrical Video Maker V2

    Lyrical Video Maker - MV Video Status Maker, Whatsapp Status Saver, Admob, Fb, Unity Ads App Code - 1

    Lyrical Video Maker - MV Video Status Maker, Whatsapp Status Saver, Admob, Fb, Unity Ads App Code - 2

    Lyric video status maker 2021 android app

    Hey, if you’re looking for the best Lyrical video status maker to get the effect like Photo to Video Maker apps in just one tap. Yes, this is the trending application that you can use for your own Lyrical video status maker apps to give them a wide range of features to increase user retention and generate thousands of downloads every day. According to our research Lyrical video status maker kinds of apps, a kind of automatic lyrical photo to video maker, get tons of downloads.

    Photo to Video Creator Apps Template is very useful for you if you want to generate high revenue from ADMOB, FACEBOOK and UNITY ads. Apps for making lyrical video statuses get a lot of traffic so why not launch your apps with great functionalities.

    Lyrically, Video Status maker is also a best clone of MV Master and also comes with Whatsapp status saver 2020. There are many more functionalities coming in the next update. So what are you waiting for get this Lyrical Video Status Maker/Creator app.

    One of the best Video Status Creator, Video Status Downloader and Whats App Status Saver template for you to start making your apps the best.

    Features that the app contains:

    Lyrical video status maker: It is also called photo to video maker, in which users can choose from huge collections of video status, and create WhatsApp status, intagram story lyrical videos and share with friends and family.

    Whatsapp Status Saver 2021: If users using Whats App want to save other people’s video status, they can easily save it to their phone gallery with one tap. This feature helps many users not to switch to another app.

    What’s in the Lyrical Video status maker?

    Application Features:

    • Clean UI and easy to use interface
    • Fast video maker
    • FaceBook and Google Ads, Unity ads integrated
    • Native Ads integrated
    • Attractive video player
    • Download your created video status
    • Quick Share: Quickly share a short WhatsApp video status on all social networks.
    • Whatsapp status downloader
    • Whatsapp Image Status Downloader
    • Share your videos on social media
    • Easy to use admin panel
    • Excellent upload and response
    • Upload template video for video maker
    • High speed server

    Requirement for this Lyrical Video Status Maker App:

    • Knowledge of Android Studio
    • knowledge of the FFMPEG library
    • Experience in Adobe Premiere to create video templates
    • Best hosting for faster video streaming.

      click here to know more

    • Note: The actual size of the MV Lyrical video maker is less than 20 MB. But if you download a direct APK demo, it is almost 80mb. So don’t worry, it will be lowered when you upload on Playstore. Our live playstore demo is coming soon (update pending) :)

      App works fine and updated to Android 11.

      Download it on Google Play

      We are coming up with many upcoming features so stay tuned.

      Updates – September 2022

      • SDK 33 – Android 13
      • Free features added – InApp Review/Update
      • Admob ads only
      • Bug fixes

      Updates – December

      • SDK 30 – Android 11
      • Admob Ads only because of Mediation.
      • Bug fixes

      Updates January 5, 2021 (refer to the demo to understand):

      • Implemented
        1. Use now
        2. Part
        3. To download
      • Ads overlapped – fixed
      • Fixed Whatsapp Status Saver issue
      • Fixed issues with ads

      Updates November 17, 2020 (refer to the demo to understand):

      Video Status Maker V4 Latest Update Changes and Logs:

      • Admin panel features updated
        1. Notification to open category
        2. Notification to open the app immediately
        3. Notification to open a url.
      • Clean and good UI updated.
      • Added pagination to optimize server usage
      • Added correct logic of Facebook & Admob & Unity ads. (They show up when others don’t show up. So boost your earnings.)
      • Fixed some serious bugs.

      You can contact us for Reskin, Customization, Video Templates or any question on WhatsApp on +918347791783 (Whatsapp only) or email us on [email protected] or on skype at live:.cid.5501083fd12ba781 . Thank you.


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