Mr CowBoy + Endless running and shooting game for IOS


★★★ Endless running game ★★★

You may like it 100%. Do not miss this opportunity

They are great games for kids and girls. They are very beautiful graphics and easy to play.

It’s a great endless Mr. Cowboy game. It’s easy to play. Up and down Error jumping and shooting the button to shoot the enemy. It’s a great endless game with three different characters. It is very easy to rearrange.

This game has been further developed cocos2dx. You just need to replace images of the same size and monetize admob and chartboost.

Main features of the template:

  • Easy to retreat
  • HD graphics with cool music
  • Endless gameplay
  • Shooting power
  • Beautiful graphic design
  • Rate and more button

Generating income: Admob Interstitial Ads and Chartboost Ads


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