Multi Content Pro (application and website)


Multi Content Pro (Application and Website) is a content management system for mobile phones and websites that runs under the Android platform and web browser used for your own video, music, HTML5 games, text, article, news, PDF reader, direct URL, download files, product, catalog, buy and sell , ads, city guide and support from android 5.0 and above. The powerful and responsive admin dashboard allows you to manage users, pages, sliders, push notifications, unlimited categories and subcategories at 4 levels and publish any kind of content.
This application was created by Android Studio for the mobile side and then PHP MySQL (CodeIgniter) for the website and admin side. By using this application you can save your money and time in creating an application and website for your own multifunctional application.


Live preview

Android demo:

Scan QR code

Website Demo:

Admin dashboard demo:

  • User name: DemoAdmin
  • Password: 123456789
  • User name: DemoUser
  • Password: 123456789

Admin Area Features

  • Publish any kind of content from the admin dashboard
  • Publish Unlimited Video & Movie, TV Streaming, YouTube, Vimeo, Music, Audio, HTML5 Game, Text, Article, PDF, News, Product, Ads, Buy, Sell, City Guide, Rating, Download, Hyperlink Inside and Outside app
  • Multi-video player (ExoPlayer, JzPlayer, WebView Player, YouTube, Vimeo, HLS ExoPlayer (streaming m3u8), Native Player)
  • Multi-level user role (super admin, admin, employee, regular and VIP user)
  • Define access rights for each user role
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories on 4 levels
  • Assign specific content to a regular or VIP user
  • The user can submit any content of the web version
  • Admin can approve or reject content submitted by users
  • Enable cache to load content faster
  • User list, along with search, editing, and management tasks
  • Admin can block user accounts
  • User Activities
  • View, approve or delete user rating / rating
  • Manage App Releases
  • Manage App Pages
  • Slider images
  • Assign to open specific content by clicking the image slider
  • OneSignal push notification (send from admin dashboard)
  • Send push notifications to all or specific users
  • Send large image via push notification from admin dashboard
  • Manage Maintenance Mode
  • Google AdMob (banner ad, intermediate ad, rewarded ad, native ad)
  • Google AdMob (enable/disable via admin dashboard)
  • Hide Google AdMob from specific user
  • Google Firebase Analysis
  • Reward Coin Configuration
  • SEO Configuration
  • Enable/Disable Reward Coin
  • Withdrawal coin as a cash configuration
  • Send Email Configuration
  • API key configuration
  • RTL Mode (Android, Admin Dashbiard and Website)
  • UTF-8 support
  • Multi-language support (Android, Admin Dashbiard and Website)
  • Google reCAPTCHA to increase security
  • Enable/disable Google reCAPTCHA from admin dashboard
  • Captcha library to increase security
  • Prevent XSS attack
  • CSRF security is enabled
  • Form validation
  • Email verification
  • RestFUL API
  • Full User Guide

User Part Functions

  • Android and website with the same back-end
  • Splash screen with multiple sliders
  • User registration and login
  • User dashboard
  • SEO friendly
  • Reward coins by clicking on rewarded AdMob ads (Android only). Enable or disable via admin dashboard
  • Reward coins by writing a review (enable or disable from admin dashboard)
  • Reward coins by watching video and listening to music (Android only). Enable or disable via admin dashboard
  • Reward coins by playing a game (Android only). Enable or disable via admin dashboard
  • Reward coins by referring your friend (enable or disable via admin dashboard)
  • Withdraw coin as cash via PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, Gift Card, Offline Bank and…
  • Users can delete their account according to GDPR law
  • User can write a review on any content
  • User can rate on any content
  • User can hide AdMob with coins rewarded
  • User can upgrade account to VIP
  • VIP users can access all content
  • Regular / VIP users can publish new content (requires admin confirmation to publish)
  • Bookmarks, Share & Search
  • Load more supports on content list
  • Load more support on the reviews page
  • RTL Mode (Android, Admin Dashbiard and Website)
  • UTF-8 support
  • Multi-language support
  • Security minifyEnabled
  • R8, Google’s new code miner is enabled
  • Build with Android Studio Bumblebee

system requirements

  1. Linux Web Hosting
  2. PHP version: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  3. PHP extensions: Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support, MBString, Iconv, OpenSSL, Mcrypt, PDO, PDO_Mysql, Mysqlnd, allow_url_fopen, SourceGuardian, XML, Fileinfo, Intl
  4. MySQL 5.6.x / MariaDB 10.xx or newer
  5. Android Studio Bumblebee or newer

Look after

  • This item required an intermediate knowledge of compiling servers and Android applications. If you do not know what and how this item works, you will have someone with you who is technical enough to understand all these things. You can ask our support for installation service, but this service will cost you.
  • We do NOT support learning customization or installation. When you make a purchase, you agree to rely on the user guide we provided with the project and eventually resolve any issues yourself.
  • Users are responsible for publishing the application on Google Play or other markets. The author makes no commitment to endorse or disapprove the application on Google Play or other markets.
  • Once you have purchased the item, it is not possible to refund the money as you have full access to the codes. Therefore, be careful with your purchase.
  • Some files verifying the purchase code are encrypted, but will not interfere with your installation and customization.
  • If there is an error after editing the code/database, we are not responsible for it.

You Can Do

  • Use on (1) domain only.
  • Change or edit codes as you want.
  • Translate the language as you want.

you can’t do

  • Resell, distribute, give away or trade in any way to any third party or person without permission.
  • Add this product to other products sold in the Envato marketplace and its affiliate websites or other markets.
  • Use on more than (1) domain.

Regular or Extended License

By following the license type, you must use the extended license if:

  • Publish your app as a PAID app.
  • Your app is Purchase in App (means your user can buy a feature).
  • Sell ​​your app on Auction Markets

Both the regular and the extended license may be installed on: A domain† The main difference between these licenses is that under the regular license, your final product (including the item you purchased) is distributed for free, while under the extended license, your final product can be sold or otherwise restricted to paying customers.

Change Log

Version 1.0.0 – February 14, 2022

    - Initial release.

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