Delta 6 Guitar Solos Used in the Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars Video Review

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delta6Listen to my Delta 6 Solos Hosted at Reverbnation


Those are the two solos I used in the demo of the Delta six Eastwood guitars I made recently.

I used a basic cha-cha rhythm to perform those guitar solos.

In the first one, called the clean solo. I used a soul food pedal set really low to avoid distortion. I wanted to have a boosted clean sound that distortion slightly when I press harder. At the end of that first solo, I also used my WMD super fat-man pedal that I really like. I use it quite often. It’s not only a basic Wah effect, but also an interesting filter that you can set to achieve a lot of different effects.

In the second solo, I employed my beloved crunch sound from my Bugera amps. With this guitar, the crunch sound sounds way smoother than any other electric guitars. I simply love that sound and use it quite often.


If you want to listen this guitar in another song of mine, please check Bad Habit. You can also watch the video of those guitar solos on my video channel right here.

If you want to download the songs to listen them on your MP3 player or whatever. You can download them for a cheap price of $1.29 each. Check this out

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