Free Guitar Lessons Coming & Launching

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New blog and Free Guitar Lessons

Guit Gear GeekI am extremely happy to launch my new website and announcing free guitar lessons.

GuitarGearGeek is focusing on guitar mods tutorial and gear reviews only. Since a while, I was feeling that SenniMusic needed to concentrate on the music playing only. Covering every aspect of the music industry in one site was just too much.

So, as the name subjects it. is about gear only. You can read articles covering topics such as: how to build a guitar, pickguard schematics, hardware setting, and of course gears and effect reviews.

I’m not only a guitar player and a composer. I’m also crafting original pickguard and custom guitars. Since I am a self-tough guitar builder, I decided to give my wiring diagrams away for free for people like me who want to learn how to enhance their guitars.

I know, this is nothing new on the Internet. You can find tons of wiring plans online for free. But, I don’t think there is a site where you can get the wiring diagram with examples of how it sounds using different types of pickup.

It is interesting to know how to wire a master series switch, an out-of-phase, or half-out-of-phase mods, but if you don’t know how it sounds like, maybe you are going to invest time and money into something you won’t like in the end. Some mods sound pretty good on certain types of pickups, average on others and terrible on some.

That is why it is important to have a website where you can get everything in one place. Wiring and sample sound. I am using, DIYLC free software to create my diagrams. I intend to build a guitar wiring directory where you can find the schematics, but also the sound example of every mod you can install on an electric guitar.

I started a month ago and up to this days, I already published a complete series of articles on how to build a custom SG guitar kit, and various guitar hardware and EFX reviews, including videos examples.

Concerning – Free Guitar Lessons on their way

Free guitar lessons

I will use this site to promote my music and give free guitar lessons only.

In the coming weeks, I will begin a new series of articles that offer free guitar lessons. Each lesson will include the teacher ‘s video and an accompanying video for you to practice. I will also join a PDF file of the lesson that you can print out if you wish.

Same approach as Everything included in one place. The theory, and the example.

Those free guitar lessons are not going to be a conventional guitar course. It’s not going to start at lesson one. It is going to be tips and tricks on all the things I am practicing now. Expect it to be from intermediate to advanced guitar lessons.

These classes focus on improvisation and harmony. I’ll show you how to use different scales and how to use them on particular types of chord.

Practicing scales only to improve your speed and technique is uninteresting. There is not a single musician that goes up on stage or in a studio to perform scales. No matter how fast they can play them. It’s annoying. You need to learn how to make phrases and patterns out of every scale to make music according to a style of music and to the effects you are using.

In the meantime, check out and leave a command or any questions you might have if you wish.

Concerning those free guitar lessons, you will be more than welcome to ask any questions, or even ask for a particular subject to be added to future lessons. I’ll be more than pleased to answer you.

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