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Risky rooms

Is a very super addictive puzzle game with simple controls that you will find fun, cute and for all ages. The mission is to get your best score in each level, collect the coins to buy other characters. This game is very fun because you can use more than (6+) cute colorful characters and also with (20+) unique levels, so let’s play this game. Dodge the enemies and be careful not to explode. C


  1. 64-bit support and ready for Google Play publishing.
  2. Android 11 supported.
  3. Universal (phone & tablet).
  4. Easy controllers.
  5. Soothing music has been added to go along with the gameplay.
  6. Admob ads implemented (banner, interstitial and reward videos).
  7. Review of the game.
  8. Share game screen.
  9. Tested on Android (Real Device) 4.0 -> 11.0
  10. Multiple characters.
  11. Sound On/Off Option.
  12. Like button of Facebook.
  13. Compatible with Buildbox 2 (NOT 3D).
  14. Step-by-step video guide is included, even a person without any programming knowledge can perform the reskin.
  15. Support .

*If you have any questions, please contact us via email or join my Discord server*
Whatsapp support: Click to chat

Income opportunities

  1. Admob (Banner + interstitial + video rewarded).
  2. Join other games for extra cash 😉


  1. Construction set 2 (NO 3D)
  2. Eclipse ADT or Android Studio
  3. Java JRE 7 or higher

With purchase you get:

  1. apk file.
  2. Android project (Android studio).
  3. IOS project (Xcode).
  4. Buildbox file.
  5. Game Assets.
  6. Documentation.

How to skin again:

-In the documentation you will find detailed information on how to re-skin this project.

– If you have any problem, you can always contact me.



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