Russian singer Elena Vaenga – Some facts from the biography

Elena Vaenga appeared on the stage of the most prestigious halls and proved that she had grown up as a singer and reached new heights in the profession, winning the stage title Pearl St. Petersburg. Elena Vaenga was born in the Murmansk region in Severomorsk – the capital of the Northern Navy.

In Elena Vaenga affects everything: the creative range of songs, the strong voice, the way of interpreting, the emotional intensity, sincerity and penetration of texts in which there are no unnecessary words, all words are clear and understandable, is awesome as the gift of reincarnation and artistry, the richness created by images and characters – from subtle, touching, classic “Romance” to secular, aristocratic and elegant “Blues” – to freestyle, ” hooligan “Ordynka.

The first song she wrote at age 9 and won the All-Union Competition for Young Composers of the Kola Peninsula. Lena was trained as a classical musician. She is very fond of music and has a huge collection of music CDs.

The preferred instruments are the piano and the guitar. After high school, arrived in St. Petersburg, entered and graduated from Music College. Piano by Rimsky-Korsakov, and obtained the diploma of teacher-accompanist.

Since childhood, Elena Vaenga wanted to become an actress, so she was enrolled in the Academy of Theater (LGITMIK) for a Trostinetskogo course, but not completed because she was invited to Moscow to record the first album.

In Moscow, the album was recorded, but has not yet seen the light, and the songs of Elena Vaenga began to sing “Strelki”, Alexander Marshall, Tatiana Tishinskaja and other famous artists.

Moscow’s creative period lasted only a year. Lena retired to Petersburg, she wanted to continue her studies. Only in St. Petersburg, surrounded by a loving family and friends in the city, which became her family and relatives, she can live and create – to write music and songs, which were about 500.

Source by Anna Narchenko

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