Ski Racer Unity 3D Game (Android and IOS)


About this game

Ski Racer 3D is a full 3D unit game with admob banner and interstitial you can earn money in this game, all assets are free to use but if you don’t like it you can change with your belongings and it’s easy to refresh you, you have documentation with all the contents to play this game again.

The game is made with Unity C # and optimized for iOS and Android devices. This template provides you with a complete, ready-to-use game source code that you can customize and build your own game in no time!


  • AdMob and Unity ads integrated
  • Ultimate ski game
  • Smooth and adjustable user controls
  • Easy documentation
  • All design files are included and free to use
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Background music and sounds
  • We are easy to reskin and provide detailed instructions on how to reset each of our games
  • Fast and professional support
  • All games are made with Unity – the leading game development engine
  • Download APK demo file

    How to install and re-feed

  • Install the latest Android SDK
  • Open Gradle project in Android Studio
  • Change package ID, app name, icons, images and sounds
  • Build an APK file
  • Read the documentation
  • Support

    To improve customer support, write to us any future questions on this topic via our email: [email protected] Support requests are not taken into account in the item comments.


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