SleepBuddy: Sleep Sounds & Meditation Flutter App


Android 11 compatible and supported

SleepBuddy screens


Professional relax and sleep app with easy to use user interface. The SleepBuddy has tons of relaxing, sleeping and meditation sounds.

SleepBuddy helps with:

• Easy to fall asleep

• Improve mood

• More focused

• Reduces stress

• Controls fear

• Promotes emotional health

• Improves self-awareness

• Extends attention span

• Reduce age-related memory loss

• Can generate kindness

• Help fight addictions

• Improves sleep

• Helps control pain

Ad Network Integrated:

• AdMob


• Attractive user interface on the home page

• Premium Sounds

• Explore sounds by category

• Beautiful layout design

• You can play any audio file from your mobile storage

• Adjust the timer for sounds

• Play sound in the background

• User can play sound offline and online

• Share app and get feedback feature

• Option to automatically turn off the Wi-Fi when the timer is up

• Option to automatically close the app when the timer expires

The documentation for this app is very clear and short. Even if the buyer does not know the Flutter, he/she can build APK. Full AdMob integration is complete and only test ad IDs need to be replaced with the real ones. The app comes with all the features that a sleep sounds and meditation app should have. In addition to the normal functions, I also added a function that allows the user to play sound stored on the user’s mobile. If you would like to test the app, please download the APK from the link below.


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