Soundproofing a Home-Studio with The t.akustik HiLo-P80 Acoustic Foam

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Soundproofing finally over

After long weeks of waiting, I was able to complete the soundproofing of my studio. As mentioned in the first post about it, I was waiting for a custom-made soundproofed door I ordered at Panodoc, and of course, the door arrived several weeks late.

Honestly, the studio is finished since well over a month. As you can see on the site, I’ve already started to use it, and I pushed to a later date the writing of this article.

I am very satisfied with the result. The acoustic foam “the t.akustik HiLo-P80” is extremely useful. I try to not use too many superlatives to not sound too commercial, and I know that there are much better products available on the market. But given the budget, I do not think I could get any better.

As you can see for yourself in the video, the sound adjustment is paramount, and the result of high quality. I needed to insulate the room completely not just to correct frequencies as many people do. I wanted a full sound insulation (in fact as close as possible to a total insulation) and at the same time have a high-quality sound.

The majority of people use acoustic foam for sound corrections. To cut frequencies that resonate badly. When you want to cut or reduce the decibel level as much as possible. You have to build the studio using double walls, sheep-dip, etc.

This kind of construction, obviously perfect, concerns professional studios or very wealthy people. Being neither one nor the other, I opted for the best possible compromise, and also tried based on my own reflections. And I’m glad I got it right.

I built walls using 10 cm thick cellular concrete cinderblock, connecting them to the existing walls. So I just built two walls to form a closed room. I doubled all of the two cellular concrete walls and the ceiling of the studio with acoustic foam, the t.akustik HiLo-P80.

Expecting an average result, I am extremely satisfied with the one I got. Given the size of my studio I can not play at a very high volume but still, I can play 24 on 24 with heavy distorted sound without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. I’ve never had any complaints since my studio is operational and believe me, I play every day.

The t.akustik HiLo-P80 acoustic foam is manufactured by Thomann. As Harley Benton brand, the t.akustik brand is the starting price in insulation products available on this site. Depending on your budget, I would strongly recommend you to buy this product. If you are a professional, or if you plan to build a studio where you will play at a very high volume, I advocate you to seek for another product. But to soundproof a room in your apartment, or basement, this is the best product available on the market today.

Some picture when I was building the studio

Get the foam t.akustik HiLo-P80 Thomann

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Pictures & video: Herve Senni

Soundproofing a Home-Studio with The t.akustik HiLo-P80 Acoustic Foam

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