The Nokia 5230 – A mid-range smartphone

Not everyone needs all the features of a modern high-end smartphone, and in many cases paying the extra cost for rarely-used features will be a waste of money. While Nokia has handsets like its awesome N97 to compete with cutting-edge smartphones from HTC and Apple, it also has a great selection of cheaper handsets designed to meet the needs of users who want a large touchscreen device, but who do not need extras such as Wi-Fi or a super high megapixel camera.

The Nokia 5230 is an excellent new model in the Nokia Music Phone line, designed to be ideal both as a personal media player and as a telephone. One notable feature of the Nokia 5230 is the screen, which is both large at 3.2 inches and high in resolution. This makes it ideal for surfing the web, as well as browsing your music collection. There is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can keep using your favorite headphones, plus an FM radio.

In addition to its media playback capabilities, the Nokia 5230 is quite feature rich for a mid-range smartphone, with its 2 megapixel camera capable of recording videos at 30 fps and a GPS sensor that keeps it running. with Ovi Maps. The 5230 has a 3G HSDPA connection for fast downloading of web pages, and the built-in storage can be expanded up to 16 GB with the use of a MicroSD card.

The fast 3G connection means a great online browsing experience, which makes the Nokia 5230 ideal for staying up to date with your messaging and social networking contacts. The 5230 comes with new Ovi Maps software, which together with the built-in GPS sensor gives you voice-guided, step-by-step navigation, right out of the box, for free. The 5230 can also access the new Ovi Store, where you can download additional apps and games for your phone.

If you need a powerful handset that can run the latest mobile games, a phone that can replace your digital camera, or double as a portable video player, the Nokia 5230 might not be on your list of combined candidates. However, if your needs are more basic, the Nokia 5230 is a great mid-range touchscreen smartphone that is definitely worth considering.

Source by Steve Salt

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