tPlayer – audio player (with playlist) v1.5


Comfortable and functional jQuery based player for your site.
tPlayer supports playing MP3 audio files as well as radio streaming (Shoutcast and Icecast). tPlayer supports an unlimited number of playlists and each playlist can contain an unlimited number of songs.
tPlayer is one of the most impressive HTML5 mp3 players on the market.

Great UX and UI design

  • Exclusive SVG button with animation
  • Elastic cover side and search slider
  • Change song details animated option


  • Song details (artist, title, cover, current time, duration)
  • Repeat playlist
  • shuffle
  • Social Share option (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr)
  • Embed the player on any website
  • Allow/Prohibit Autoplay
  • Hide playlist option
  • Select “Compact Mode” by default
  • Allow/Prohibit Shuffle
  • Allow/Prohibit Social Share
  • Play ad audio with time interval
  • Default volume value
  • Enable playlist slider within # tracks
  • Allow/prohibit cover search in iTunes for current track (Radio streaming only)
  • Change Player Color Scheme
  • Create a Single Player and a Player with Playlist
  • Add songs with buy or download links
  • Multiple players in the page with different settings (automatic play, hide playlist, compact mode)
  • API documentation included


Autoplay of audio/video is not allowed on iPhone, iPad and Android. It is a device limitation and there is no way around it.
Radio stream must be MP3 type, most browsers do not support AAC/AAC+ stream.
IE does not support Shoutcast stream.
tPlayer - audio player (with playlist) v1.5 - 1


For questions related to this project, please contact me via the contact form on my user page. If you would like to rate this item below 5 stars or if you notice that something is not working properly, please contact me first and let me know. If I know, I can fix it. That way you can get a better article.

tPlayer - audio player (with playlist) v1.5 - 2

Update (20.10.2016)

– Playlist generator removed
– New core of player

Update (18.08.2015)

– Added shuffle function
– Changed player’s algorithm
– Added Share to Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr) feature
– Added muted button
– Added download options
– Added buying options
– UX animated button.
– Live Preview editing panel for audio player creation / no coding required.

Update (30.06.2015)

– Fix some bags.
– Supports Internet Explorer.
– Autostart function.
– Show/Hide Playlist function.
– Shoutcast & Icecast support.
– Font Awesome icon attached.
– Using Google fonts.

Update (19.11.2014)

– fix some bags (before update replace javascript file).

Update (24.08.2014)

– Added function to repeat playlist;
– When you press the play button, the first song in the playlist will be played.


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