Vibra: relax & massage

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Vibra is a powerful massage vibrator with simple controls to relax your body on vibration. It can help you relieve various types of cramps and massage away general body pain.

Give yourself pleasure at any time of the day. You have the option to choose different vibration patterns and control their speed. In addition, you can turn on relaxing music that is tailored to the app. Vibration patterns are specially made for this app and you can massage all parts of your body.

Unlock the full potential of your phone. Our strong vibration app is the best massager to give you body vibration and a calm feeling. Vibrate whenever you want, and as often as you want!


  • Relax the muscles after a hard day
  • Get rid of unnecessary anxiety and stress
  • Meditate
  • Massage all points on the body
  • Smooth light wrinkles
  • Improve your sleep
  • Vibration patterns work in background mode


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