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Electro Dance Music – Instrumental Nu Jazz Album

This latest album of mine is published under the sweet pseudonym of Danto Cue instead of my real name: Hervé Senni. I decided to release my more commercial music under a different name to avoid confusion.

I play a huge array of different music’s style, from jazz to rock and everything in between. And From massively amplified to acoustic music. Therefore people liking my complex jazz compositions are often disorientated when they stumble on my lighter stuff and vice versa.

I had this happening when I released the “lifestyle” album wish is a light pop-rock album. Jazz fans were disorientated, while the “lifestyle” enthusiasts were shocked when they stumbled on my regular Senni Music style.

If I had to start all over again, I would publish albums like “Lifestyle” and “Wrecked Express” under Danton Cue name to avoid confusion.

Anyway, it’s not really important.

Back to the Beat Album from Danton Cue

The overall style of this music selection is light electro jazz or Nu jazz. I originally wrote those songs to be used as background music for videos. They are also on sale at MusicLicensingDeal.com. If you want to use them as soundtracks for your media projects you have to buy a license. Check my other site. It is quite cheap.

I’m writing a lot of music for this other project, and sometimes songs written for this usage do not work well as pure instrumental songs, they need support to function at best. But sometimes, like the numbers featured on this album, they work quite well as regular songs.

Those compositions are not focusing as much as my Senni Music on heavy guitar playing and weird advanced rhythm. It’s more groove and ambiance related.

You can listen to the entire album for free on the regular streaming websites such as Spotify, Deezer and alike. You can also download it for a small amount of cash on various platforms such as Itunes, etc.

LIsten to Beat on Spotify

Stream it on deezer

About the alias

Danton Cue is a phonetic, below the belt French joke. It literally means “Up Your Ass”. This saying is quite frequent in French. It’s coming from the Rambo 3 movie. When a man is questioned ” where are the missiles” and the poor man answered, “In Uranus”. The French version couldn’t translate the joke, so instead, they used ” Up your ass” (Dans ton cul), and they forgot about the planet. lol

Immediately, we, French people, adopted this quote and we are using it for anything like: where are my keys? Where are we going? Where do you leave? Where did I park my car? etc…. and of course the answer is always “Dans ton cul.”

Danton Cue is phonetically written version of Dans Ton Cul. It sounds like a name, so I adopted it.

Finally, I published the album on my new label BoitaKK, created for the occasion. I won’t explain this other phonetic rude joke, only to mention that it concerns the same body area…


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This post is also available in: French

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