Seven Ride – Extract from the Seven Course Meal Album

Odd Meter Instrumental Progressive Rock AlbumSeven Ride – from the “Seven Course Meal Album”

I performed this piece using my fretless guitar, obviously for the lead, but also for the bass part using an octave effect to reproduce the sound of a fretless bass.

The other guitar part is played using my 24 frets custom neck trough. I installed a sustainiac system on both guitars. I love this effect. Especially on the fretless.

The fretless guitar lack sustain a lot, especially on high strings. the sustainiac counter this issue. I rarely turn it on on the fretless. It works also really good on the other guitar.

You can listen to the entire album for free on all the best streaming platform, or download it for a cheap fee on downloading sites.

Check out this link to get all the needed URLs, depending on you streaming preferences.




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