Haunting, Ethereal Pop Ambient – Pop Rock Album “Lifestyle”

Pop rock music – Instrumental smooth song collection

When you hear music, after it’s over, it’s gone, in the air. You can never capture it again,” said Eric Dolphy. But John Abercrombie replied… “But when you record it, it comes back to haunt you sometime”.

I think I totally agree with John, when you record it, it comes back to haunt you. Which is why I recorded “Lifestyle.” Music with real and strong emotions and a booty-grooving, intensely melodic and splice-o-matic pop rock music.

The album Lifestyle regroups 13 original instrumental pieces composed, arranged and interpreted by me. It is my seventh album that I’ve distributed within the last two years. Lifestyle is more accessible and easy listening than the first six albums. It is a light pop rock that delivers a soothing and bluesy atmosphere.

The songs selected for this album were created for music licensing in the first place. Music licensing, or background music is an entirely different approach to music writing. Pure music, or band music, is written to be the primary focus to the audience, while background music must be intended as an accompaniment to something else. Therefore, a song that sounds really good as it is might not be usable for a background video, and vice-versa.

Sometimes, it appears that a song composed for a video works quite well as a song. We picked a selection of 13 compositions that not only are enjoyable to hear but fit well together and deliver a continuity to the album.

There’s the blue tune, with experimental electro-gloom “Americana.” And “Jukebox,” a melodic refreshing and an even electronic stimulation. “Country Sweet,” a fresh, textured fusion of classic meets modern art rock. “Wolf Shuffle,” and “Atmosphere” and “Lifestyle,” a haunting, ethereal pop ambient

Lifestyle album is available on every streaming platform such as Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. It can also be downloaded from sites such as ITunes, Google Plays, Amazon, Microsoft Groove, etc.

You can listen to “The Lifestyle Album,” for free, on every music streaming sites available out there. The album is published on more than 150 platforms. Distrokid distributes my music and therefore, my albums can be found on almost every music streaming services online.

With a monthly registration to any of those music stores allow you to listen to every music you want for the price of your enrollment. The only thing you have to do is to look for my name: “Hervé Senni,” or the album name: “Pop Rock Album Lifestyle .”

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